Youth day Virtual meeting

Martín Burt, the CEO of the Fundación Paraguaya, had a virtual meeting with students from the Cerrito Agricultural School through which he congratulated them on their day and encouraged them to move forward, despite the difficult situation currently experienced by the health crisis that forced them to have virtual classes. “Thank you all for joining us, it is a pleasure to see you again after so many months, the School is really sad without you, the idea is to share a moment and learn how you are all doing during this time”, expressed Luis Fernando Sanabria, general manager of the institution who also participated in the meeting.



“As Luis Fernando already said, the School is sad without you, but all your places are waiting for you; we have been able to overcome the crisis and our worst nightmare did not happen, the School is intact and will be waiting for you by the time you are back, with all the teachers who continue in their places,” said the Executive Director of the Fundación Paraguaya, who was also very pleased by the fact that during this time, there has been no desertion among students.



The students, who are in different parts of the country, and even abroad (young Bolivian student), have shared the different situations they are going through, good and bad, but for the most part, they are all fine, studying from their homes and taking advantage of the time to be with their families, but missing the School. “Something good that happened to me is that I am taking a preparation course to enter into the veterinary career, but the downside is that I miss School,” said the student Emilia Fernández.



To wrap up, Martín Burt wished for an upcoming meeting with young people, urging them to keep on studying because despite the current situation, they can become whoever they want to become and achieve their goals. “Keep moving forward, if any of you want to go abroad, do so, learn; and if you are able to return to your country to contribute, do come back… The most important thing for you to know is that you can be successful entrepreneurs, and that is my greatest wish for each of you.”