International Internships

Through our International Internships you will receive a real and meaningful life experience while helping to eliminate poverty and create dignified conditions where everyone wants to live. You will find the best opportunities according to your abilities and interests.

More than 300

young people have gone through the International Internships program.

All interns will be assigned specific jobs that must be delivered with a final report. There are opportunities available within our four main programs: Poverty Stoplight, Microfinance, Selfsustainable schools, and Entrepreneurial Education. The requirements for application to our internships can be found at the end of this section.

Internship at the Poverty Elimination Signal

The Poverty Stoplight is a social innovation tool that seeks to activate the potential of families and communities to escape of poverty. The interns will work on producing deliverables for the different areas within the program, to become pioneers of projects that change lives.  We also offer the option of conducting an original investigation subject to the approval of the Methodological Committee of the Poverty Stoplight.

Poverty Stoplight for Businesses

Through the Poverty Stoplight Businesses Network the associated companies eliminate poverty of for their employees and share the how this was accomplished with all the members of the Network.

So far we have worked with more than 90 Paraguayan companies. A crucial product of this internship is the creation of the Poverty Stoplight Solutions Bank.

Poverty Stoplight Community

We seek to bring together internal and external stakeholders of the Poverty, from the implementers to academics. An important product for this internship will be the plan to involve different actors from the media to government and other non-profit organizations worldwide.

Poverty Stoplight in the world

With the Poverty Stoplight we help international organizations, from the United States to Papua New Guinea. Our team works in the adaptation and implementation of this tool. The product of this internship will be a business plan model for the poverty stoplight replica team.

Poverty Stoplight Knowledge Management

The Poverty Stoplight has gone from working exclusively with our clients to working with international organizations from different sectors. With the collection of data we seek to improve our vision. One of the main deliverable of this internship will be to update this database.

Poverty Stoplight Technology

To scale the implementation of the Poverty Stoplight we develop our own technology: the PS platform. We create our own applications, web applications and servers. We maintain contact with our users and we have an inhouse UI / UX User Experience expert who designs and defines the new functions. We launch new features several times a month. An important deliverable for this internship will be the documentation that helps users apply our technology to its maximum potential. We welcome Candidates with skills in the  ​Spring / Java or React (Native) / JavaScript, to contribute to our technology (which is open source).

Poverty Stoplight Methodology

Our team is continually undertaking an internal evaluation of the Poverty Stoplight to analyze its effectiveness as a poverty elimination tool. The intern will assist in the process of compiling and analysis of data from Microfinance clients and a control group that uses the Permanent Household Survey provided by the local government.

Elimination of poverty in Cerrito

The Poverty Stoplight is being applied to the Cerrito in northern Paraguay, where we look for interns to work closely with the beneficiaries to provide solutions to overcome poverty within all the indicators through mentoring, supporting the Bank of   solutions, improving the income and savings of families, health and environment, safety, hygiene, housing, waste management , environmental education , health education, multilingual education, linguistics, youth entrepreneurship, arts, marketing and use of ICTs in schools.

Handicraft Design Development for the Cerrito Community

The women of the Cerrito Qom indigenous community produce handicraft that are woven with native natural fibers , however, it is not possible to subsist in a sustainable way with their traditional livelihoods. As part of a participatory process , the intern with experience in art and design will work with family producers to catalog and innovate new designs considering their ancestral roots and improve production processes to establish a business plan to help them access new international markets.

Education Stoplight

Fundación Paraguaya is seeking interns to help develop the “Education Stoplight,” a new tool that seeks to activate secondary-level students, through a self-assessment, beginning with the current Paraguayan curriculum, pedagogy, and evaluation systems. This year we aim to design the tool and carry out a pilot to implement the Educational Stoplight in our self-sustaining schools. The goal is to promote academic excellence through personalized approaches to learning and empower students to take action on their education, see their needs and achieve their aspirations with the help of their parents or mentors and teachers.

1. Review and analyze the existing literature on self-assessment methodologies and learning plans.
2. Support in the development of the personalized learning plan.
3. Work with the Poverty Stoplight’s multidisciplinary team to achieve an integral knowledge about the key elements that can be adapted by the Education Stoplight.
4. Support in the construction and critical analysis of the indicators of the Education Stoplight.
5. Organize co-creation workshops for the Education Stoplight with the assistance and contribution of teachers and students of the Cerrito School who are interested in improving learning in the classroom.
Actively participate in the implementation of the Educational Semaphore pilot in our self-sustaining schools

Internships at self-sustainable schools

With our educational model “Learning by doing, selling and winning” young people are transformed into rural entrepreneurs.

The interns may choose to work in one or more related interns depending on the time available and their particular interests, and they will be supervised by the Manager of Self- Sufficient Schools , working in conjunction with the collaborators and / or other interns who are carrying out similar projects.

Teaching assistant

The interns would help the students in subjects such as English language, develop business plans and carry out technical assistance in various productive units of the schools.

Research Educational material

The intern will seek, investigate and digitalize the educational material regarding  agriculture, hotels and tourism for a virtual educational platform and facilitate communication between you and sef-sustainable schools program through the publication of written and audiovisual material for teachers and students.

Tracking of alumni

The intern will support the tracking of the ex-students of the Self-sustainable Schools Program and develop the new tracking platform.

ICT assistant

Self- sustaining schools have a computer lab, however, many of the students have no experience in using a computer. The intern will help give classes and workshops on the basic use of computers through the development of touch typing skills, spreadsheets such as Excel, as well as other ICT skills.

Adolescence Wellbeing  

Students live on campus and require support for their socio-emotional well-being.

The intern will develop and hold workshops on topics such as mindfulness, self-image, relationships, bullying, alcohol, drugs, violence, and also develop new clubs in schools.

Internships in entrepreneurial education

We look to promote entrepreneurial and creative spirit, in addition to developing leadership in children, women and young people.

Interns may choose to work in one or more related interns depending on the time available and their particular interests. They will be supervised by the Program Manager, working with partners and / or other interns who are doing similar projects.

Assistant to the Youth Program

Assist in the coordination of our public schools and youth programs. Carry out an analysis and monitoring of the schools that participate in the economic education program. Assist in the organization of events, and help with administration and logistics.

Pedagogical assistant

Assist, analyze and evaluate the development of pedagogical proposals for new entrepreneurial education programs and help in the programs that are already in development.

Internships in microfinance

We provide the most vulnerable sector of the country, through financial services that can create, or strengthen microenterprises and thus eliminate the population of Paraguayan families.

Interns may choose to work in one or more related interns depending on the time available and their particular interests. They will be supervised by the Microfinance Manager, working together with the collaborators and / or other interns who are carrying out similar projects.

Analysis of good practices of officials, advisors and credit managers

Create a report that summarizes the best practices of managers, officers, and credit assessors of Fundación Paraguaya in order to successfully systematize and replicate these practices across all offices.

Microfranchisemarket study and business model

Conduct a market study to investigate new microfranchises. Conduct field research, present reports and evaluate suppliers. Assist the microfranchise manager in the initial contact and develop a pilot that includes proptypes, manuals etc. The intern should study methodologies and manuals provided by Fairborne.

Opportunities in other areas

We offer opportunities for internships in the other areas including the Department of Communication, Monitoring and Evaluation and others who seek to capture interns’ high level of knowledge and experience.

The internships available in the Communications department are related to: graphic design, translations, audiovisuals, video editing, VFX and animation; photography, social networks, writing and editing articles, newsletters, production for television and radio.
Internships available in the Monitoring and Evaluation Department relate to: workshops for the employees of the Fundación; implementation of the appropriate data capture processes; collect and monitor data; feedback and data analysis.

Requirements to access International Internships

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