Executive Director of Fundación Paraguaya at the USEM conference

Martín Burt, CEO of Fundación Paraguaya was a panelist in the “World of Work Meeting”, organized by the USEM of Mexico, the network of entrepreneurs focused on working for the common good and specialized in the training of leaders who develop their personal growth and commitment to society. The objective of the meeting, which took place virtually, was to listen to experiences that help eliminate misery and reduce poverty, and that can activate a dignified life for Mexican families.



The founder of the Fundación Paraguaya addressed the topic “Poverty and Inclusive Development”, speaking from the experience of the organization, especially with the Poverty Stoplight. “With the Stoplight we found out that, if a methodology is dimensioned and used, people are able to identify their vulnerabilities and priorities to get ahead,” said Burt during his speech.



Several experts participated in the meeting, as well as representatives of civil society, both from Mexico and from other countries. “The use of technology allows each family to self-diagnose their needs, problems and strengths, and then work on a family plan to overcome poverty,” said the Executive Director of Fundación Paraguaya at a later time.



At the end, to wrap things up, PhD Burt highlighted the importance of women as entrepreneurs and family leaders. “The main decision-makers to reduce poverty in our countries are the heads of the household,” he concluded.