The “DAME LUZ” cycle of festivals from Fundación Paraguaya begin, they are aimed at entreprenueurs

The city of Encarnación hosted the first festival for entrepreneurs, called “DAME LUZ”, which took place at the Railway Station, located in front of Costanera Avenue, organized by the Fundación Paraguaya and the executive director, PhD. Martín Burt, which will be repeated in several cities in the countryside in the near future.


This edition brought together some 20 entrepreneurial families from Encarnación, who showcased their products in a colorful space with good live music, inviting families to have a special afternoon and to learn about their numerous enterprises.


The executive director of Fundación Paraguaya, PhD. Martín Burt, stressed that the cycle of festivals is intended to encourage work and support people who seek to get ahead. “We are happy to start this cycle of fairs in Encarnación, with a lot of enterprising people -mainly women-, whose main goal is to work to get ahead. With this initiative, what I want is to give light, tools, and training to all the people who want to forge a better present and future”, he said.


“DAME LUZ”, is a completely free of charge activity, which will take place in public spaces, for the benefit of entrepreneurs and the community. In the next few days we will announce the next dates of the fair.