Self-Sustaining Schools


It is a unique model of education in the world, where without the state’s subsidies or scholarships, young people are transformed into rural entrepreneurs.


rural entrepreneurs graduated from our 4 Self-sustaining Agricultural Schools.


of the graduates of our Schools are women.

Cerrito Agricultural School

Located in Cerrito, in the Department of Presidente Hayes. The School was transferred to us by the Congregation of the Brothers of La Salle in 2003 and has 13 didactic-productive units driven by teachers and students, who serve the dual purpose of generating resources to sustain the School and transfer skills to students through the “Learning by doing, selling and earning” methodology. The didactic-productive units are the hotel, the Iberian cheese, yogurt, dulce de leche (caramel), orchard, farm, pigs, dairy cows, goats, quail eggs, broiler chickens, rabbits and tilapia.

Our products from Cerrito

If you want to know where the products of our Cerrito Agricultural School are sold, click on the image and find out.

Belén Agricultural School

Located in the district of Belén, department of Concepción. The Agricultural School of Belén was transferred to us by Aldea SOS in 2010 with the interest that our Self-Sustaining Educational model be implemented in it. Unlike the other schools, it is not a baccalaureate, but it imparts a Rural Entrepreneur curriculum with emphasis on beekeeping, fruit growing, milk production, agriculture, pig farming and horticulture. To access this school it is not necessary to have completed the basic studies; the only requirement is to know how to read and write.

Agricultural School of San Pedro

Located in the urban area of San Pedro del Ycuamandyjú district, the Agricultural School of San Pedro completed 4 years of operation. It all began with the interest of the Bishopric of San Pedro to replicate our model of Self-Sustaining Education. Currently, the school has 9 productive didactic units: broiler chickens, pigs, cattle fattening, sheep, goats, rabbits, catering, vegetable garden and farm. Since we began to manage the Agricultural School of San Pedro, 72 agricultural promoters have already graduated.

Mbaracayú Educational Center

The Mbaracayú Educational Center (CEM) began its activities in 2009 and is promoted in partnership with the Moisés Bertoni Foundation. Located in the center of the Mbaracayú National Forest Reserve, it has 65,000 hectares and offers a quality education with principles of self-sufficiency, entrepreneurship and leadership for self-sustainable development. The school uses our Self-sustaining Educational model and our “Learning by doing, selling and earning” methodology, where adolescent women receive the title of Technical Bachelor in Environmental Sciences. This school has a hotel called Mbaracayú Lodge and offers first class service.