We provide opportunities to the country’s most vulnerable sector by strengthening small businesses and promoting the development of microenterprises, through financial and non-financial services.

More than 76,000

clients accessed non-financial services through Feel That You Can Your Club.

We offer loans for entrepreneurs who are starting a business or want to strengthen it; and we focus on accompanying women, being the only organization in Paraguay that works in Women’s Committees through solidarity loans.

Our Products

Student Loan

Agricultural Loan

Loan For Small Business

Loan For Young People

Housing Loan

Consumer Credit

Loan For Water Companies And Boards

Of Sanitation

Loan For Health

Loan For Microfranchising

Loan For People With Disabilities

Loan For The Purchase

Of Efficient Kitchens

Loan For Women Entrepreneurs Committee

If you want to apply for your loan, you can also go to any of our 24 offices throughout the country.

Committees of Women Entrepreneurs

They are credits whose guarantee is solidary and are aimed at groups of women in vulnerable situations who want to strengthen some commercial activity or wish to start a new venture.

We currently work with

more than 47,000

women entrepreneurs

“Feel That You Can” Your Club

It is a benefit that can be accessed by our collaborators, clients of the Microfinance program and companies seeking to solve indicators of the Poverty Stoplight. Through this card they have free access to medical services of national coverage, movies, training events, places of entertainment, life insurance and burial, among others.