Where We Work


We export to the world the programs we develop in Paraguay.

Poverty Stoplight in the world


We look for partners that help us to scale internationally. For that, we use two partnership models: “Hub” and “Special Projects”, who are the ambassadors of the Poverty Stoplight around the world.

More than


organizations in over


countries used the Poverty Stoplight.


We have more than 14 Hubs distributed around the world; they are members of a global movement of organizations committed to the elimination of poverty. They identify one or more organizations with which to partner in order to implement the Poverty Stoplight and exchange innovative ideas to solve poverty indicators.

Special Projects

Under this type of model, there are 17 organizations that implemented the Poverty Stoplight. These partners can be social organizations, companies, or government institutions, who implement the Poverty Stoplight in their daily operations as part of their current programs. The difference with the Hubs is that these partners do not seek to install capacity in other local organizations.

Fundación Paraguaya Tanzania


Our office in Tanzania is in charge of replicating the model of Self-sustaining Schools

of the Business Clubs and the Poverty Stoplight; in addition, it is responsible for the dissemination of the Stoplight Olympics and the School Enterprise Challenge. Our main office is in the city of Morogoro with representations in the cities of Lugarawa, Iringa, Njombe, Dar es Salaam and Arusha.

23,500 students

were trained in entrepreneurial skills.

23,500 students

were trained in entrepreneurial skills.

Teach A Man To Fish


It is our sister organization based in London, England. Based on the experience of our self-sustaining school model, Teach A Man To Fish’s mission is to empower young people in developing countries to succeed in their jobs and lives through entrepreneurial skills.


Its main program is the School Enterprise Challenge, known in Paraguay as the “Concurso Escuela Emprendedora,” which has already benefited more than 250,000 young people from more than 100 countries.

250,000 young people

benefited in more than 100 countries.

250,000 young people

benefited in more than 100 countries.

School Enterprise Challenge

The School Enterprise Challenge is a program of recognitions for schools around the world, with more than $ 50,000 in prizes for the most entrepreneurial schools, students and teachers. To take part of it has no cost, and it offers assistance to teachers and students to establish real school companies.

Young people develop business and entrepreneurial skills in a practical, fun and innovative way. The Challenge also allows the schools to generate extra income for the institution itself or for a social cause of their choice.