Active Day in Cerrito

The Cerrito Agricultural School opened its doors for a special tour, which aimed at raising awareness about the productive units and methodology created by Martín Burt, the founder of Fundación Paraguaya. During a special day, the institution received a varied number of people, among which were the national deputies Sebastián García and Rocío Vallejo, who complimented the educational model and the work done by Fundación Paraguaya.



The guests toured the productive units of the School, while the students themselves explained the practices being carried out, accompanied by the teachers in charge. The attendees were very surprised and pleased as this educational model allows rural youth to generate resources that pay for their education, which is taken as an example in 28 countries around the world.



Rocío Vallejo praised the model and suggested that it be implemented throughout the country, in order to promote the development of young people and their families, especially those living in a state of vulnerability. Meanwhile, Sebastián García praised the programs implemented by Fundación Paraguaya that seek self-sustainability for families to be able to leave poverty behind. “It is very interesting, since the School has different production units that could give opportunities to underprivileged children through technical training; it seeks for people to overcome poverty as a whole,” said the legislator.



The so-called “Cerrito Tour” is intended to be offered to different audiences so that they can get to know the place and its educational model.