Martín Burt’s virtual presence in the Skoll World Forum Week

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many activities around the world to be canceled, among them, the Skoll World Forum Week, where the director of the Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt, was supposed to participate with a dissertation; however, this situation also led to many of them being reinvented. Although it is true that the important meeting in Oxford, United Kingdom could not take place physically, the Forum reinvented itself and for a few days, the most outstanding social entrepreneurs in the world are carrying out their presentation, virtually.



And in that sense, PhD. Burt was also present, and before approximately 130 people connected to the broadcast, he presented his book, Who owns poverty?, released last year, which recounts the 35 years of experience that the Director and Founder of the Fundación Paraguaya has, implementing programs for the elimination of poverty in Paraguay and the world. “We’re going to talk about the only question about global poverty that we never thought about asking,” he said at the beginning of the broadcast, before participants from the United States, Germany, England, the United Kingdom and several countries in Latin America.




During his presentation, he narrated the early years of the Fundación Paraguaya in the midst of a military dictatorship and how, over the years, it went from being a microfinance organization to working on poverty elimination programs. “We designed a tool to create a self-diagnosis and ask what poverty is,” he said, referring to the Poverty Stoplight. He also said that he was surprised by the interest of all the people who asked for the self-diagnosis as being the first time that they saw themselves in the mirror.



Subsequently, an interesting debate was initiated between the speaker and the participants, who complimented the book and especially the work carried out by the Fundación Paraguaya in recent years, which, in the same way as the Skoll World Forum Week, is reinventing itself to reach its entrepreneurs during this health crisis.