Solidarity Comes First

The health crisis caused by COVID-19, which practically paralyzed the country, is leaving many teachings, learnings and above all, it has brought to light the best of each one, especially of those people and communities who are perhaps, the most vulnerable, but that at the same time have something that characterizes them: solidarity.



Hunger is pressing all over the country, government aid does not always arrive on time, that is why the communities in neighborhoods, settlements and towns, brought the “ollas populares” (community meals) back into fashion, really showing that solidarity side that characterizes Paraguayans so much.




In that sense, the Women’s Committees of the Fundación Paraguaya could not be absent, solidarity wise, in various cities of the country, the members got organized, they gathered the ingredients and eagerly prepared the menu to share these “ollas populares” in their communities.




Thus, these brave organized, solidary and united entrepreneurs from cities such as Encarnación, San Juan Nepomuceno, Luque, Ñemby, Caacupé, Ciudad del Este and Villarrica, benefited more than 200 families. In the face of this difficult situation, solidarity comes first.