Fundación Paraguaya promotes financial inclusion through microcredit managed by WhatsApp

The Fundación Paraguaya, in its mission to become a facilitator of financial inclusion for all Paraguayan families, especially those in vulnerable situations, presents a new product called ARAMI, consisting of a system to request fully digitized microcredits, which are managed entirely through WhatsApp.


ARAMI is the technological solution that seeks to guarantee and improve access to financial services for people who are generally excluded from the formal system. Potential clients can manage their microcredits without having to move, avoiding mobility costs to access loans; thus, promoting the use of innovative and technological solutions.


Thanks to ARAMI, every Paraguayan citizen or foreigner residing in the country, can manage their credit by sending a WhatsApp message to 0976 400 400, with the word “credit” and then they will receive the answer with the steps to follow, taking into account that a negative background in Informconf DOES NOT PREVENT CONTINUING WITH THE CREDIT ANALYSIS.

Those who are interested, have two kinds of microcredits available:

1- Individual

2- For Committees of Women Entrepreneurs


It should be noted that more than 70,000 female entrepreneurs, heads of household from all over the country, are clients who benefit from microcredits and other training programs offered by the Fundación Paraguaya to grow their businesses and improve their quality of life.


For more information, those interested can contact +595 21 609 277. They can access photos of the product at the following link: Instructional videos are found at the following links: