More than 3.000 collaborators of Athena Foods will implement the Poverty Stoplight

Fundación Paraguaya and Athena Foods signed a cooperation agreement to implement the Poverty Stoplight metric and methodology to start a quality-of-life improvement process of about 3000 collaborators from the company and that of their families.


Fundación Paraguaya’s Executive Director, PhD. Martín Burt, emphasized that this agreement is part of the Network of Companies without Poverty program, driven by the Fundación. Through this program, companies help their employees, collaborators, or workers to do their own Stoplight and identify their greens (good), yellows (more or less), and reds (bad) in order to elaborate a family plan to overcome their problems.


“Signing this agreement with Athena Foods is fantastic because they have more than 3000 collaborators. And for the market economy to win, all of us must win, and workers who handle lots of challenges have to feel the company is supporting them in moving forward. I believe this will mark a “before-and-after” because we know the Stoplight implementation in the company will increase the productivity of workers and their performance; absenteeism will reduce, and this will pay off themselves and the community”, emphasized PhD. Martín Burt.


Carlos Dubroca, Athena Foods financial manager, pointed out that the implementation of the Stoplight, which will be socialized with the collaborators distributed in Asunción, San Antonio, and Belén, will be put into place immediately in order to collect all the information that will allow them to help workers to improve their living conditions.


“The idea of celebrating this agreement is to help each collaborator and their family. The agreement is framed within a program of corporate social responsibility and within one of the company’s values, which is sustainability, that not only cares about protecting the environment but also the community, workers, and their families; for their satisfaction to belong to the company, in a sustainable job. The Stoplight will help us to know them and provide them support in such areas that are unknown to us today and where they have a specific need”, pointed out Carlos Dubroca.


About Athena Foods:


Athena Foods is a company belonging to Minerva S.A., leader in the global meat export market of South America. It operates in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, and Uruguay.


Athena Foods offers its clients high-level products with internationally known brands, exporting excellence and quality worldwide. Aligned to the IFC standards, Athena Foods is currently the only company in the Latin American sector to obtain recognition from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank for acting with sustainable practices and value generation for the entire productive chain.