Telemedicine sessions in Cerrito

The Cerrito Agricultural School became a medical care center. Two free telemedicine sessions were held for the residents of the Bajo Chaco area.


Through a joint effort with the Asociación Proyecto Paraguay de Mallorca and the María Auxiliadora University, these telemedicine sessions were enabled in which patients accessed first-level medical care, through virtual resources installed on the Cerrito property.


As part of the process, local doctors checked potential patients and evaluated their family situation beforehand, to then access telemedical consultations per specialty. All these activities were carried out in the facilities of the Cerrito Agricultural School, considering all health protocols.


In the two days, some 40 patients were treated. In addition to medical care, several of them received medication as needed. The prior evaluation, the telemedical consultation and the medications had no cost to the patients.


Other similar events are planned for May, with different specialties. The objective of this joint initiative is to improve the quality of life of the population of the Bajo Chaco through access to specialized medical care.