Award to outstanding entrepreneurs

in the Heroes Fest

As part of the “Heroes Fest” celebration, awards were also given for the “My bathroom, my kitchen, my pride”, “My happy smile” and “Verdeate” contest;, thus, recognizing Paraguayan entrepreneurs who improved their bathrooms and kitchens, fixed their teeth and improved their quality of life by means of the Poverty Stoplight’s indicators, in motivational competitions around the country. Outstanding companies that are part of the network of Businesses of the Poverty Stoplight were also awarded.


This award and the respective contests are part of a strategic alliance between CAF, the Development Bank of Latin America, through its Directorate for Social Innovation, and the Fundación Paraguaya, which promote social innovation through self-management, empowering women and families, forming and raising awareness about the importance of sanitation, hygiene and oral hygiene. These contests foster the entrepreneurial spirit of families and communities as a key factor to improve their quality of life, eliminate their poverty and honor their dignity.


Regarding the network of Businesses of the Poverty Stoplight, they were recognized for their good management regarding the welfare of their employees.


In the awards ceremony, which took place at the end-of-year party of Fundación Paraguaya’s collaborators in its Cerrito Agricultural School, in Benjamín Aceval, representatives of CAF and Fundación Paraguaya, as well as representatives of the members and relatives of the Women’s Committees awarded, attended the ceremony.


The winners were: the “San Isidro” Committee of Women Entrepreneurs from the Paraguarí office for the kitchen category; and the “Jeiko Porave Rekavo” Committee from the Carapeguá office for the bathroom category. The “Mujeres Unidas” Committee from the office of Mariano Roque Alonso won “My Happy Smile” contest; and the “Kuña Guapa 4” Committee, of this same city, won the “Verdeate” contest. The prize for the winners consists of deposits in savings banks for their committees and also for the winning entrepreneurs.