Poverty Stoplight


Is a platform that helps people lift themselves and their communities out of poverty.

More than

200 organizations

in over

20 countries

have implemented the Poverty Stoplight.

How does it work?


This tool is made up of 50 indicators and divided into 6 dimensions, in which we use the colors of the traffic light to represent three possible answers for each indicator. Being:

These are the steps to carry out de Poverty Stoplight


With de help of a mentor, the family conducts its visual survey through a tablet, a computer or a telephone.


Their results allow an easy visualization of their situation, showing families their succeses in green an the areas of improvement in yellow and red. Based of those results, a life plan is created and specific actions are taken to begin to overcome poverty.


The mentor provides opportunities and access to additional resources so that families turn their reds and yellows into greens.

Who can use it?


The poverty stoplight improved the lives of thousands of families through a process that allows them to be protagonists of their own stories of elimination of poverty. In addition to empowering, the data collected through the Poverty Stoplight have also proven to be useful for communities, organizations, companies, projects and governments.

Poverty Stoplight in microfinance

It is our main platform of application, development and learning, where through our field advisors we work directly with families from vulnerable communities, to design their exit poverty plans and provide them with ongoing support.

Poverty Stoplight in the world

We want to take the Poverty Stoplight everywhere. In order to do so, we use two association models: a “Hub” model and another one called “Special Projects”, who are our ambassadors around the world.

Poverty Stoplight in companies

The Network of Companies that implements the Poverty Stoplight aims to improve the quality of life of its employees, through a self-assessment that activates them and empowers them to trace their own way out of poverty.

Poverty Stoplight in communities

There are organizations that have an interest in working with the Poverty Stoplight, since it facilitates the targeting of interventions in communities. Through the implementation of the tool, we reach the most vulnerable sectors of the country, such as Caazapá, Cerrito and the Penitentiary Center for Women.