Bicameral Commission analyzes proposal for the Poverty Elimination Act

The executive director of the Fundacion Paraguaya, Martin Burt, was invited to the National Congress, to delve into the main points of the bill for poverty elimination. The proposal presents a paradigm shift that aims at a joint work among all Paraguayans to eliminate poverty, where the family is positioned and empowered as the main protagonist.



Burt was called in his capacity as a representative of civil society, sharing with other experts, such as the former Minister of Industry and Commerce, Gustavo Leite and the economist Veronica Serafini, delving into the main points of the bill for the elimination of poverty. The debate was held with the Bicameral Commission for the Reorganization of the State Structure, where the speakers had the opportunity to point out their projects, and in the case of the Director of the Fundacion Paraguaya, he spoke about the proposal to eliminate poverty presented by himself, last December.




“We do not intend to ignore the different realities that we experience, what we seek is to commit the Paraguayan State, empower families and make the National Government efficient,” said Martin Burt during his presentation. He said that families should be the center, the unit of measurement, and for this, he proposed using the indicators of the Poverty Stoplight, which he also explained at that time.



“We propose to reach all the families, although it is true that many of them are not starving, they are suffering from other deficiencies. The reality is that the government does not know what their real needs are; let alone where these families are located,” he also said at a later time.



Burt’s proposal intends to use the experience of the Poverty Stoplight for a multidimensional assessment of poverty in Paraguayan families, with concrete plans elaborated by the families themselves, to finally remove them from poverty; thus, achieving greater efficiency in spending public and a real impact in its application.