Casa Rica and Areté supermarket chains join the Network of Companies without Poverty

ALES SA group, of which the Casa Rica and Areté supermarkets and restaurants are part, formalized an alliance with Fundación Paraguaya. Thus, this business group is now part of the Network of Companies without Poverty, a Fundación Paraguaya initiative through which the Poverty Stoplight is applied among the collaborators of the companies.


The Stoplight is a social innovation tool that allows measuring the different areas of multidimensional poverty and carrying out specific actions according to the identified challenges, which affect the workers’ quality of life.


“For us, this implies a change of paradigm,” stated Florian Haensch, ALES Group’s Executive Director, during the agreement signing event held at Casa Rica Los Laureles. He said that as a company, they were very enthusiastic about starting the program and learning a new method to strengthen their staff.


On behalf of Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt, Executive Director, commented how the Network of Companies without Poverty works, especially from generating solutions to the problems identified through the Stoplight, in a constant manner.


 Network of Companies without Poverty


To date, there are over 150 private companies in Paraguay that have applied the Poverty Stoplight methodology with their collaborators, which has allowed these companies to efficiently identify the challenges faced by their collaborators.


Regarding the network itself, 50 are the Paraguayan companies activating it, which implies, among other things, sharing proven solutions in facing the challenges identified with the Stoplight and the exclusive benefits of the companies that comprise the network.


According to the network members’ experience, this program improved the collaborators’ quality of life through specific actions of short-term results, which has allowed a significant change in their attitude regarding work; they improved their productivity and commitment to the company.


Fundación Paraguaya promotes the Network of Companies without Poverty, one of the products that Poverty Stoplight utilizes; a successful tool used throughout the world for more than a decade.