Cerrito Agricultural School Hosts Talk About Security

A couple of days ago, the Hotel Cerrito hosted an interesting dissertation with the theme “Prevention and citizen security” by the expert in Panamanian security, Miguel Justiniani. This activity was carried out within the framework of the Cerrito Poverty Stoplight initiative.




The speaker has extensive training on the subjects of citizen security, violence prevention and gang management; he took courses in Israel, China and the US, and is currently an advisor to the Vice Minister of Security and Prevention Coordination at the Ministry of Public Security from Panama.




In the dissertation, he presented the Action Plan called “Safe Neighborhood” to the community of Cerrito, which has a multi-sector and multidisciplinary nature, which gives prominence to young people in their educational and work reintegration, changing gangs for working groups with governmental, municipal and community support, with a focus on education.




A large gathering of neighborhood leaders, students, teachers, QOM leaders, artisans, armed forces and local authorities have participated in this interesting talk, where they were able to exchange strategies to work similar models in the community.

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