Cerrito Stoplight Initiative is still delivering food supplies

The health emergency as a result of Covid-19 has caused many activities to change; the various initiatives and institutions had to reinvent themselves in order to survive. In the case of the Cerrito Stoplight Initiative, the extension agents, despite social distancing, have never ceased to be close to the beneficiaries (of the Initiative), in this case, the residents of Cerrito and the nearby communities. In addition to the daily radio interviews on a local station to comment on the progresses and the work done, several donations of food supplies were also made.



In this sense, thanks to the donation of non-perishable food from the Food Bank Foundation, a delivery of food supplies was organized; thus, the managers and extension agents of the Initiative contacted leaders of 10 community organizations from the departments of Presidente Hayes and Central, who carry out solidarity actions such as “ollas populares” (community meals), to coordinate the delivery of the supplies to the members of said communities.



Fundación Paraguaya is a member of the Benjamin Aceval Local Emergency Council, and through it, and through different alliances, seeks to contact other Civil Society organizations, as in this case, the Food Bank Foundation, to support families and communities during this health emergency.



Some of the communities that were reached are the following: Asentación San Juan, in Villa Elisa; Tablada Nueva neighborhood, in the bañado Norte of Asunción, as well as communities in Cerrito, Remansito and Itaguá.



Since 2017, Fundación Paraguaya has promoted the Poverty Stoplight in the community of Cerrito, in Benjamín Aceval, which is in the Presidente Hayes department, working with some 1,000 families, of which 650 are indigenous families of the QOM people.