Empowering women in Paraguay and in the world

Within the framework of International Women’s Day, Coca Cola organized a virtual talk as part of the “5by20” project, which in our country is a reality thanks to the “Emprendemos Juntas” initiative, and which in Latin America supports the empowerment of more than 400,000 women entrepreneurs. To celebrate this milestone, a meeting was held where regional leaders shared the learnings of this initiative in the talk called, “A decade of empowerment”.



To celebrate this moment, Martín Burt, executive director of the Fundación Paraguaya shared a moment alongside the president of Coca Cola for Latin America, Henrique Braum, and with the regional director of the UN, María Noel Vaeza. “This program is truly amazing, and we feel honored to accompany Coca Cola in this initiative, which is an example of work for gender equality and the development of women,” said the founder of Fundación Paraguaya.



He also said that the organization accompanied and trained more than 4,500 women’s groups throughout the country. “We have accompanied more than 60,000 women, we are an organization that supports women, committed to the sector,” said Martín Burt. He also mentioned the School Enterprise Challenge, and the work that schools do and how, with initiatives, they support girls, adolescents, and women in general.



Around the world, “5by20” trained more than 5 million women with various initiatives. In our country, Fundación Paraguaya, in alliance with Coca Cola, carries out several projects that seek to empower women, as well as enhance the business skills of the communities.