“Emprendemos Juntas” reached the “Buen Pastor”

The Emprendemos Juntas program, which is being carried out by the Fundación Paraguaya together with Coca Cola Paraguay, reached the “Buen Pastor” National Penitentiary, with a learning session that had the participation of more than 60 women. At the end of the day, the participants received their respective certificates from the executive director of the organization, Martín Burt.



“An enterprising woman can go very far, you are very capable, do not be afraid to learn because it will change your lives,” said the CEO of the Fundación Paraguaya, who stressed the importance of receiving this type of training in financial education in order to carry out their ventures.



At all times, the participants showed a lot of optimism and willingness to learn, and they listened carefully to those in charge of giving the workshop -collaborators in the area of Entrepreneurial Education,- who talked about financial education, the canvas model, how to run a business and women empowerment.



This training session was also supported by the Ministry of Justice.

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