Executive Director of Fundación Paraguaya in Davos 2019

For the 13th consecutive year, the executive director of Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt, was at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. On the occasion, the activity brought together more than 100 governments, leaders of international organizations, businesses and non-governmental organizations, as well as other global referents of diverse topics, with the main challenge of establishing improvements in the world, by analyzing the international scene and the identification of challenges, obstacles and opportunities. The Forum was organized by the Schwab Foundation, under the main theme called: “Globalization 4.0: Forming a global architecture in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.


Martín Burt is a member of the board of directors of the Schwab Foundation and with his participation, Fundación Paraguaya sought to contribute ideas and put on the agenda of the event issues that affect us as a region, which will allow us to remain at the forefront of everything that happens worldwide and it nurtures us to continue building bridges of opportunities for all people. In this edition, President Mario Abdo Benítez also participated, among other Latin American leaders, being the second Paraguayan head of state to attend this event.


The agenda of the Executive Director of Fundación Paraguaya marked his presence in several workshops and conferences, with relevant topics on: “How to introduce social technologies in companies and how they can lower costs”, “Latin America in the global context and its competitiveness”, “How Latin America can take advantage of the fourth industrial revolution and use technology in favour of people”, and the “Role of social entrepreneurs in a post-truth era”, where he hosted the meeting and was also the moderator.


In addition to these official moments, he also participated in important meetings, where he presented the different programs of the Fundación Paraguaya, such as the Poverty Stoplight, Entrepreneurial Education, Self-Sufficient Schools and Microfinance, to potential organizations that would like to replicate them in their countries. Among the meetings he attended, he highlighted, among others, the meeting with the Minister of Finance of Ecuador, Richard Martinez, to talk about plans to overcome poverty and improve the quality of life of families in rural areas of the country.


The presence of Martín Burt in this type of events also seeks to generate new networks of contacts, invitations to other international meetings and, above all, to create interest in new organizations that know and want to implement the Poverty Stoplight in their respective countries, looking for this methodology to become the most widely used tool for solving poverty worldwide, aligned with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

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