Executive Director of the Fundación Paraguaya visited the north of the country

Martín Burt, CEO of Fundación Paraguaya, visited  the cities of Concepción and San Pedro which are located in the north of the country; there, he met with local authorities, referents and women members of the Women’s Committees to continue supporting communities, in addition to devising plans together with local governments and municipalities. Fundación Paraguaya has its respective microfinance offices in these cities, where it works with local women and men entrepreneurs and their families.



“We work with people who want to move forward in life in Concepción, Horqueta, Belén, and Loreto; and we came here because we have developed new methodologies to help families move forward, and now we also want to support indigenous communities, peasant organizations because people in Paraguay only want two things: to be listened to, and to be helped to get ahead, they do not want anything to be given to them,” said Martín Burt during his visit to the governor’s headquarters in Concepción.



In the city of San Pedro, continuing the tour, Burt also met with municipal councilors, as well as women entrepreneurs, with the aim of strengthening the City and District Committees (of women), in order for them to be the generators of positive change in their communities and families, in addition to the ongoing assistance to entrepreneurs.



 “As Fundación Paraguaya, we found out that many times women are the breadwinners of the household, those who out of obligation and conviction have to help their families get ahead; however, they have few opportunities, and that is where we form Committees of Women Entrepreneurs throughout the country.” Said Burt during his visit to San Pedro, stressing that they want to strengthen families, by using the Poverty Stoplight.



The CEO of the Fundación Paraguaya will keep on visiting and talking with authorities and entrepreneurial women from other cities in our country to continue contributing and strengthening the organization’s link with the various communities through poverty elimination programs.