Fundación Paraguaya and Centro Cultural Melodía join forces to keep fighting poverty

The Fundación Paraguaya, in its quest to add allies to jointly carry out the mission of fighting and ending poverty in our country, signed a new agreement, this time with the Centro Cultural Melodía, in the city of Villa Hayes. The agreement originated from the commitment of both parties to seek solutions that lead to the elimination of poverty, and it is in this sense that new opportunities will be offered to the families of collaborators and communities where the two organizations work.



Inter-institutional cooperation includes technical, methodological and any other assistance of common interest, such as the entrepreneurial education model, the Poverty Stoplight methodology, the Microfinance program, and the Self-Sustainable Schools model. In all cases, the objectives, mission, and independence of the signing institutions will be respected.



The protagonists of the programs to be implemented will be communities, families and individuals, women and youth being priority in their implementation. Also, it is planned to adapt the programs to the reality of each population where they are implemented.



The signing of the agreement took place at the Fundación Paraguaya headquarters, being signatories, its CEO, Martín Burt, and on behalf of the Centro Cultural Melodía, also its CEO, Félix Fariña; both showed their satisfaction and agreement with the new step taken, which seeks a better quality of life for the population of the Lower Chaco.