Fundación Paraguaya and the INDI team up to improve the quality of life of indigenous communities

Fundación Paraguaya, through the Cerrito Poverty Stoplight Initiative, signed a new cooperation agreement, this time with the Paraguayan Institute of the Indigenous (INDI, for its acronym in Spanish). The event was based at the Cerrito Agricultural School, where the president of the institution, Ana María Allen Dávalos; and the CEO of the Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt, arrived to sign the agreement; leaders of the indigenous community of the ​​Cerrito area, as well as artisan women, attended the event.





The purpose of this alliance is that both organizations can join forces to improve the quality of life of the indigenous communities of the country, with the implementation of joint initiatives, projects and activities that will benefit the communities. Quality education, equality in cultural diversification, elimination of poverty, entrepreneurship, innovation, and evaluation and measurement of social impact through the Poverty Stoplight would be among the initiatives, so as to be certain of the real actions to be executed in order to improve the quality of life.





In order to carry out all these actions, Fundación Paraguaya will train the designated INDI employees in the implementation of the initiatives; in addition, the indigenous communities that will be reached by this alliance will be selected. Also, as additional measures, other projects that arise from initiatives of either party and that may be of common interest in the framework of the proposed objectives may be promoted.



In addition to the signing of the agreement, the works being carried out through the Stoplight with the members of the Qom indigenous community were presented, such as handicrafts, reforestation projects, vegetable gardens and beekeeping. The Cerrito Stoplight Initiative is currently working with over 650 families in this community.

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