Fundacion Paraguaya joined Journalists Tour in the Chaco

The Nacional Forestry Institute (INFOMA) and Neuland, Chortizer and Ferheim Cooperatives, together with the Federation of Production Cooperatives of Paraguay (FECOPROD) organized a journalists Tour in the Chaco, in which also joined Bruno Vaccotti, Communications Manager at Fundación Paraguaya.




The tour aimed to see how Companies in the Western Region take forward the sustainable development, respecting the environment and current forest laws. It was also held to commemorate the International Day of Forest, reaching the cities of Loma Plata and Filadelfia.




The participants had the opportunity to visit industrial production, water reservoirs, indigenous communities and natural forests. “We must change the paradigm of nature at the service of man, by man at the service of nature”, said Vaccotti during the tour.




With this tour, IMFOMA seeks to move forward with the construction of an exemplary country in sustainable development. “The correct implementation of harmonious production processes allows sustainable development in areas of high productive potential”, commented the Communications Manager of our organization.

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