Fundación Paraguaya launched opportunities for companies

This pandemic has affected everyone, companies, and collaborators alike, that is why Fundación Paraguaya tries to contribute, through an opportunity for interested companies to access a free membership of the Stoplight, which can benefit all their collaborators. The introduction was made virtually, with 30 participants and several questions and many positive comments.



The goal of the call was to support companies, keep increasing their resilience through the Stoplight, and that they can strengthen the well-being of their collaborators in the long term, without this being impeded by financial difficulties, as a result of the crisis caused by Covid-19. The project is aimed at private companies that want to be part of the “Empresas sin Pobreza” (Companies without Poverty) program for the first time, or that have been part before but are currently with an inactive agreement.



Companies that access this opportunity will have several benefits for four months, such as training and launching of the program, enabling the Stoplight web platform, measuring the Stoplight with collaborators, data processing and reporting. Companies will have access to these benefits until June of this year and after that period, they will decide whether to continue in the program or not.



These opportunities are generated for all companies that, as a result of the economic crisis, are experiencing financial difficulties that prevent them from implementing benefit programs for their collaborators, and for those that have a genuine commitment to improving the well-being of their collaborators.



The interested companies, which will also have other additional options to be part of the program, can complete the form provided by the Fundación Paraguaya until February 26, 2021. Those interested can call (021) 609277, or write an email to