Fundación Paraguaya signs cooperation agreement with CONCASA SA

Fundación Paraguaya, keeping up with its desire to extend cooperations with organizations and companies, signed a new agreement for the implementation of the Poverty Stoplight, this time, with CONCASA SA, a building materials company that began working in the year 1982. They kept growing with the passage of time and they are now very well-positioned in the sector, working with important construction companies, in addition to offering construction materials, rental of containers and machinery.




Technicians of the Fundación Paraguaya will train people of the company in the metrics and methodology of the Poverty Stoplight, in addition to providing technical assistance during the measurement to the CONCASA employees. During the signing of the agreement, the bases of cooperation and strengthening of the interinstitutional relationship between the parties were established, in order to successfully carry out the execution of the methodology in the company, which thus becomes part of the Poverty Stoplight for Companies program of the Fundación Paraguaya.




On behalf of the Fundación Paraguaya, its general manager, Luis Fernando Sanabria signed the agreement; and on behalf of CONCASA, Luis Lavigne, as legal representative. Both were pleased with this agreement and the step taken, which has as one of its main objectives, improve the quality of life of the employees of CONCASA.