Fundación Paraguaya´s “¡Qué lindo tu pesebre!” contest already has winners

The national contest called “¡Que lindo tu pesebre!”, organized by the Fundación Paraguaya, attracted more than 800 participants, and already has its brand-new winners.


Ariel Kokubo from the city of San Juan Nepomuceno won the first place and received 4,139 votes on Fundación Paraguaya’s Facebook page; he became the winner for the second consecutive year. The second place went to Darío Fabián Araujo from the city of Abai, with 3,370 votes; and third place went to Eika Benítez Delgado from the city of Caacupé, with 1,704 votes.


The CEO of Fundación Paraguaya, PhD. Martín Burt, traveled to the Caazapá Department to give the prizes to the winners, and visited the winning nativity scenes that are a real attraction and meeting point for residents and visitors of each of the cities.


Ariel Kokubo explained that each year they work to offer a special decoration for the manger that is installed on the premises of the city church with the permission and support of the parish priest. “Every year we introduce native decorations; one year we used takuaras, another year we used wooden blocks and this year we chose handmade basketry items, everything that represents our culture. Every year we do our best for the San Juan to be a meeting point”, he mentioned.


For his part, Darío Fabián Araujo from Abaí said that eight years ago they formed a commission called “Young people united for an improved Abaí”, and since then, they have been working to promote customs and beautify various parts of the city. “We appreciate that these types of contests exist to reward initiatives that promote our traditions. Everyone has to visit us to see our manger, we also do the recreation of a peasant ranch, a tunnel of takuaras and ysypo, among other attractions”, he pointed out.


PhD. Martín Burt congratulated the winners and highlighted the importance of creating these spaces for families. “I want to thank all the participants who were more than 800 families from all over the country and congratulate them, not only the winners but all those who made an effort to create beautiful nativity scenes, which are very significant for families, because in this time of suffering managed to bring joy, to rescue the values ​​of our culture and taught us, mainly, not to lose hope of a better Paraguay”, he said.


The contest prizes consisted of:

  • A savings box worth PYG. 2,000,000 and the images of Jesus, Mary and Joseph made by artisans from Areguá for the first prize.
  • A savings box worth PYG. 1,000,000 for the second prize, plus images of Jesus, Mary and Joseph made by artisans from Areguá.
  • A savings box worth PYG. 500,000 for the third prize, plus the images of Jesus, Mary and Joseph made by artisans from Areguá.

Among the participants, 5 baskets with “Cerrito” brand products were also raffled.

  • The winners are:
  • Dora Pereira – Villa Elisa
  • Jessica Analía Portillo – Asunción
  • Evert Hugo Benítez – Cnel. Oviedo
  • Sindy Magdalena Fernández – Paraguarí
  • Carlos María Romero – San Miguel, Misiones