Future rural entrepreneurs graduated in Cerrito

The rural sector is in good hands! A few days ago, the 2019 class graduated from the Cerrito Agricultural School; forty-four new rural entrepreneurs who received their diplomas of Technical Agricultural Baccalaureate and Hospitality & Tourism Baccalaureate. The graduates, who were 22 girls and 22 boys, were taught for 3 years under the model of “Learning by doing, selling and earning” applied in the institution, always under the guidance of professionals and specialists from various fields.



In order to receive their diplomas, the students presented various business plans as their final project, and in order to carry them out, the Fundación Paraguaya gave them credit lines of PYG 79,500,000, which gives an average of PYG 1,800,000 per student. Some of these plans were focused on marketing of Venezuelan arepas, production and marketing of acerola jam, rural hospitality & tourism, travel agencies, broilers, marketing of locote (green/red pepper), chili and tomatoes, among others.



The students of the School came from towns such as Remansito, Cerrito, Río Verde, Luque, Mariano Roque Alonso, Emboscada, Quiindy, Ambush, Fortín Caballero, Ypané, Caazapá, Villa Elisa, San Pedro, Ybicuí, Yaguarón and San Lorenzo. But, since cultural diversity is also highly valued, this year, students from Bolivia also graduated; and the young Yaya Samake, who in order to study and graduate at the School arrived 4 years ago from Mali, Africa, will now return to his country to start his own business.



The authorities of the Fundación Paraguaya attended the graduation ceremony, who shared such a pleasant moment with the young people and their families.

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