Martín Burt spoke at a virtual conference on Post COVID-19 Companies

Keeping up with his virtual meetings, the Executive Director of Fundación Paraguaya, Martin Burt, participated in the monthly conference, “Companies Post COVID-19: Productivity and family activation” promoted by USEM from Mexico, an association belonging to the Stoplight Global Community, and which seeks to create a network of businesspersons focused on working for the common good, specialized in the social training of leaders aimed at transforming business management.



The founder of Fundación Paraguaya said to the participants that the Poverty Stoplight is a tool so that businesspersons -and especially collaborators- are able to know in what areas they are doing well and in which ones they are not. “We have to persuade the big international organizations to incorporate into their initiatives a more humane way of seeing the social impact of their works,” said Burt during the conference, among many other things.



While talking about the Poverty Stoplight, the Director of the Fundación Paraguaya kept answering questions from participants relating to the use of this tool. “I find that none of my employees have savings and are in debt distress,” he said while talking about the indicators that a company can discover in his collaborators when implementing the Stoplight. “The problem is no longer the capital, but the human talent, what we do with Stoplight is to rescue the talent of employees and their families so that they can escape poverty,” he said later.



Near the end of the conference, Martín Burt highlighted the work of the companies that work applying the Poverty Stoplight, highlighting the value they give to their collaborators. “We find fantastic stories of businesspersons who are changing the lives of their collaborators in Paraguay and the world,” thus closing the interesting debate about how post-COVID-19 companies will reinvent themselves in the world. About 200 people from Mexico and around the world connected to this broadcast.