Paraguay attends the Harkin Summit, in Paris

Fundación Paraguaya was at the Harkin International Disability Employment Summit in Paris, France. It convened more than 30 countries from all continents, with the participation of outstanding leaders with success stories in employing people with disabilities, or adapting policies and practices that encourage others to do so; Roberto Giménez, program manager, attended on behalf of our organization.




The dynamics of the meeting is based on promoting dialogue and participation, which allowed an exchange of ideas between those who have methodological and academic knowledge, but have some problems with implementation, and those who have a deep knowledge of the action, but with limited access to capital. All these interactions fostered a collaborative ecosystem driven by the participants.




Our program manager had the opportunity to share the experience of Fundación Paraguaya and its inclusion programs for people with disabilities, standing out for the diversity and reach of the proposals, which range from committees of women, microfranchises, training, credits and inclusion policies, among others.




“It has been a very interesting growth space, where the problem of the inclusion of people with disabilities in the financial sector continues to be a pending task for all markets in the world, where it is estimated that only 1% of people with disabilities have access to financial products; for years, we have been focusing on the person and potential, ” says Roberto Giménez.




This type of meeting has special relevance for the Fundación Paraguaya, because in addition to sharing our experiences, we invite other organizations to break down the cultural barriers that prevent us from moving forward as a society.

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