Poverty Stoplight will be used in Loma Plata

The Poverty Stoplight reached Loma Plata, Paraguayan Chaco, more specifically to the town of Villa Boquerón, where about 100 families will benefit from the tool, through the advice of the technicians from Fundación Paraguaya. The objective is for families – thanks to this tool from Fundación Paraguaya,- to improve their quality of life and overcome multidimensional poverty.




The reach of the Poverty Stoplight methodology to this locality is possible thanks to the agreement signed by the Asociación Civil Chortitzer and the Fundación Paraguaya, with the support of the Municipality of Loma Plata and the organization WWF Paraguay. “Our goal with this, is to work closely with the community so that, jointly, we can find solutions; we do not bring any kind of money or material things, but simply the intellectual potential and advice to work closely with each family in their endeavors,” said Norman Toews, manager of the “Chortitzer Community Cooperation.”




The agreement will last for two years, and during that time it is expected that families can be trained in microfinance, self-sufficiency, entrepreneurship, savings and finance, so that they can ignite the entrepreneurial spirit and overcome their limitations, also helping the progress of the community.

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