Successful participation at the 2019 Expo

For the fifth year in a row, Fundación Paraguaya was at the Mariano Roque Alonso Expo, with its stand at the Pavilion of the Industrial Union of Paraguay, this time called: “The Museum of Stories.” All the programs carried out by the organization were shown, with life stories reflected in portraits and testimonies of clients and young people who are part of the following programs: Microfinance, Self-Sustainable Schools, Entrepreneurial Education and the Poverty Stoplight.


In addition to the permanent museum during those two weeks, several activities were also carried out, such as the event with the Global Shappers, “Hacking culture, towards a new gender perspective”, which brought together an interesting discussion with women, such as Cristina Goralewski (President of INFONA), Marie Claire Burt (Researcher from the University of Sussex), Jazmín Gustale (Coordinator in the Presidency Management Unit), Ximena Duré (MUV Director), and Gabriela Gaona (Girls Code Director), in the Conference Hall of the Pavilion.


There was also the presentation and tasting of the Cerrito Iberian cheese, with the presence of the cheese master, Ricardo Negrette; launch of “Celebremos” of the FEP (Forum Entrepreneurs Paraguay), in celebration of its twentieth anniversary; “Economía para el éxito” was presented, which is an educational program carried out by the Junior Achievement and Equifax. With the WWF Paraguay, the “Earth Day” event was shared, and there was an interesting discussion with Together for Education and the Moisés Bertoni Foundation, “The challenges of education for the fulfillment of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals”.


During the last week, “Entrepreneurship, education and sustainability” showed the benefits that can be accessed by collaborators and clients of the Microfinance program, where alliances were also established with the Universidad Americana to carry out joint actions that benefit both institutions; and with the Banco GNB, the “Eco Emprendedores” program was launched, an initiative that will be supported by the Entrepreneurial Education area.


The Mariano Roque Alonso Expo represents a key place and the perfect timing to show, on the one hand to the general public the work that the Fundación Paraguaya has been doing in its permanent search to end poverty, promote entrepreneurship and improve the quality of life of families, in addition to being a strategic center to seal alliances with companies and carry out various programs.

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