Taiwan´s Ambassador visits Fundación Paraguaya to learn about the programs

Fundación Paraguaya was honored by the visit of the Ambassador of Taiwan in our country, José Han (Chin Cheng Han), at its headquarters. Taiwan´s Ambassador talked about different issues with the CEO of the organization, Martín Burt, pointing towards a Taiwanese cooperation that promotes programs for micro-entrepreneurs, in addition to bringing the Poverty Stoplight to the Asian country.



Luis Fernando Sanabria, general manager; Roberto Giménez, program manager; and Fernando Pfannl, coordinator of the Cerrito Stoplight Initiative, also took part in the meeting on behalf of Fundación Paraguaya; while the Ambassador was accompanied by a few advisers. The visit´s intention was to learn more about the work carried out by the Fundación Paraguaya over the past 35 years in its mission to end poverty in the country and improve the quality of life of Paraguayan families, as well as to learn about the international expansion with its programs.



All the areas of the Fundación Paraguaya were introduced, especially the Poverty Stoplight. The idea is to provide technical assistance to Taiwan, for the application of the programs from the Fundación in said country. In addition, Martín Burt and Ambassador Han talked about the ongoing cooperation and future ones, taking into account that there is currently an alliance with the ICDF Taiwan, where with its funds, loans will be provided to MYPYMES (Acronym in Spanish for micro, small and medium enterprises.)