The 2021 School Enterprise Challenge was launched with the support of the MEC

The educational program called “School Enterprise Challenge” was launched for the second consecutive year in virtual format due to the pandemic; as in the past, this initiative seeks to become a practical and useful tool for teachers that aims to reach a national level, and to incursion into all educational communities in the country. It has the support of the Ministry of Education and Sciences (MEC).



The Challenge, which is organized by the “Teach A Man To Fish” NGO from England, and by the Fundación Paraguaya, is an internationally recognized program that provides students with learning in business planning, its objective is to train young entrepreneurs with global awareness and social responsibility.



It has been reinvented, because of COVID-19, and the program developed an application to be able to implement the initiative in a virtual and semi-face-to-face way, so that the beneficiaries, through it, can access all the materials and explanatory videos. “The Challenge seeks to demonstrate that learning can be combined with gamification and healthy competition, it seeks to bring fun, teach how to work in a group and lose shyness,” said Martín Burt, executive director of the Fundación Paraguaya, during the launch.



Several training workshops are planned for teachers from all over the country through virtual platforms. “We need Paraguay to rise up, to develop; it is up to the entrepreneurs and this kind of initiative, it is with the motivation of young people who dare to undertake that we are going to achieve the desired changes,” said the Minister of Education, Juan Manuel Brunetti, who also attended the launch of this initiative.



Those interested will have to fill out a follow-up form for each participant, once the form is filled out, the technical team of Fundación Paraguaya will contact the registered people to carry out the training in a individual way to the entire teaching staff that has registered for the Challenge, along with the institution they are working in. For more information, you can access Facebook: Concurso Escuela Emprendedora Paraguay, at 0972-619-707, with Jorge Espínola, program coordinator, or by writing to the following addresses: or


All educational institutions in the country (official, private, subsidized private) can participate. Registrations, as well as the process, are free of charge.