The most traditional Forum for entrepreneurs in the country responded to the pandemic

For a period of six days, Fundación Paraguaya carried out the 21st edition of the Forum of Entrepreneurs Paraguay, FEP, which this time carried the name of “Hacking FEP – Estemos listos” and it was, for obvious reasons, totally virtual. Over 300 young people from all over the country and even from other countries participated. These young people took part in interesting lectures and workshops, formed groups, debated, had fun under the leadership of Pitty Ortellado and Hugo Céspedes, who knew exactly how to give the necessary energy for this type of event.



“We need an educational, economic and love revolution, to be able to get through all this blur of confusion, fires and drought; since it is crises that make entrepreneurs emerge, those people who are going to bring happiness for themselves, their families and society”, said Martín Burt, CEO of Fundación Paraguaya, when greeting the participants on the first day of“ Hacking FEP – Estemos listos”, which kept the objective of awakening the entrepreneurial interest of the participants, through a hackathon where, based on the talks, they were able to create innovative solutions to the problems raised, focusing on three main axes: education, digital empowerment and entrepreneurial spirit.



Furthermore, activities such as motivational webinars, training workshops, talks and debates, a talent night, group competitions, project presentations and subsequent awards ceremony to the teams and outstanding participants were held. “I know there is a lot of frustration over this pandemic, but every problem is an opportunity to improve; we are going to try to channel this into a series of proposals that effectively improve educational quality in our country,” said computer specialist  Sebastián Ortiz, during his talk, making clear the common message in the FEP, hope for a better future, post-pandemic.



“I imagine everyone is here because you are entrepreneurs, being an entrepreneur is for people who have a lot of grit and perseverance; those who are making their own the way, starting, making mistakes, and then keep on going” said Alberto Samaniego, also in another message of encouragement to young people, in his keynote “Design centered on UX.” In this way, the participants of the “Hacking FEP – Estemos listos”, enjoyed intense days, where once again, the entrepreneurial spirit was stronger than the health crisis and all the problems derived from it, showing that when a person truly wants to learn and get training, there are no barriers.