Training and delivery of cradles to pregnant women in Cerrito

As part of the activities of the Cerrito Stoplight Initiative, the Fundación Paraguaya is carrying out an alliance with the NGO Añuami, for a care program of early childhood which includes training in health, sexual and reproductive health, basic hygiene against Covid and breastfeeding promotion. The program’s beneficiaries are pregnant women or mothers with babies up to 3 months old, members of the Cerrito community and beneficiaries of the Initiative.



Within the activities of this alliance, a training on Maternal and Child health was offered at the Cerrito Agricultural School by the local Family Health Unit, and another talk about the Rights of the child, with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Childhood and the local CODENI. The executive director of the Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt, along with Lourdes Alarcón, from the Añuami Foundation, also participated in the event. “I am excited to see how the Cerrito community cares about its children, you have managed to reduce child malnutrition with training, work and information and we are proud of you,” said the founder of Fundación Paraguaya.



At the end of the talks, 13 mothers from the community received their kits, consisting of cradles and essential items both for the baby and the mother. “Today we accompany pregnant mothers, thanks to our friends from the Añuami Foundation, it is really a pleasure to build alliances like this, because they allow us all to continue growing and moving forward,” said Martín Burt.



The Stoplight Initiative carries out comprehensive monitoring of the families that are part of the program, and in this case, in cooperation with the Family Health Unit and health posts in the Cerrito area. This was the third delivery of kits, having benefited a total of 43 mothers and their babies so far. “We should be concerned and deal mainly with early childhood, the accompaniment of the mother must be on the part of the entire community,” concluded the Executive Director of Fundación Paraguaya.