Training with the Cerrito Agricultural School educational model

For a two-day period, the Cerrito Agricultural School welcomed directors of agricultural educational institutions from all over the country, who came to participate in the “First Training on the Self-Sufficient Educational Model”, based on the Cerrito Agricultural School educational model. Over 120 directors learned in detail the “Learning by doing, selling and earning” methodology, by interacting directly with those in charge of the School, as well as young students; in this activity that took place through the agreement that the Fundación Paraguaya has with the Ministry of Education and Sciences.



The training included learning about the 13 didactic-productive units of the School, where, both teachers and students explained how they operate, and how they serve a dual purpose: that of generating resources, and that of students acquiring the necessary skills to become real rural entrepreneurs. In addition to receiving content related to the self-sufficient educational model, teachers were trained in business plan design, entrepreneurial teacher skills, development of a self-sufficient budget and monitoring and control tools.




The purpose of this activity was to group all the directors of agricultural & livestock schools to strengthen their management and exchange experiences. Minister Eduardo Petta and authorities from the Fundación Paraguaya attended the last day of the training. “We want to strengthen the relationship with the Ministry of Education and Sciences, change the educational model and establish lines of cooperation with a strategic plan, which is why we are very pleased to have welcomed you here at the School to share this educational model,” said Luis Fernando Sanabria, General Manager of the Fundación Paraguaya.




“The happiness of many young students depends on you, so go to your institutions with these learnings, experiences and eagerness to transform lives,” Minister Petta said to the participating teachers. He also expressed his satisfaction for carrying out – together with the Fundación Paraguaya,- this type of training that will be of great benefit to the agricultural education of our country,  hoping to keep working together in more initiatives.

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