Workshops for teachers by the Fundación Paraguaya

The Fundación Paraguaya, from its School Enterprise Challenge program, and with the support of the Ministry of Education and Sciences (MEC), carried out a series of workshops called “Being Teachers in the world Today”, where different topics were addressed that will help strengthen the teachers’ skills to be able to teach within the current context. The workshops were aimed at all teachers in the area of ​​work and technology nationwide, and were developed online through the Zoom platform and Facebook Live of the School Enterprise Challenge.



The topics developed were: School Management, by Dr. Mónica Murto; Computer Tools, with emphasis on digital platforms, by Dr. Lorenza Paredes and Magister Gabriel Alvarenga, from Unisoft System; and Cooperativism and School Entrepreneurship, given by the Fundación Paraguaya.



The event was divided into three meetings (February 24, 25 and 26), counting as clock hours validated by the General Directorate of the MEC for the teachers who participated.



The Fundación Paraguaya, from its area of ​​Entrepreneurial Education, for several years has sought to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in all the beneficiaries of the different programs it carries out, in addition to working directly with its allies, with the aim of reaching the greatest number people, who thus have the opportunity to broaden their entrepreneurial horizon through the tools worked and provided.