Emotional ceremony of the “Emprendemos Juntas” program

The stories of women whose lives were transformed through training and workshops which allowed them to carry out their own ventures, were the central motif of the “Emprendemos Juntas” event, which was held at the Manzana de la Rivera, within the framework of the week of the International Women’s Day. Also, a photographic exhibition was opened to the general public that same week, with images of some of these women, which will extend until Friday, March 20.




Emprendemos Juntas is a Fundación Paraguaya’s program that seeks to economically empower women in vulnerable situations, through workshops and training which make it possible for them to strengthen their entrepreneurial skills and self-esteem. The program has been implemented since 2017, with the support of the Coca Cola Foundation and Coca Cola Paraguay.




For the event, which was held at the Ruy Díaz de Guzmán theater, the founder of Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt, attended. Burt also accompanied the First Lady of the Nation, Silvana Abdo, who also attended. Other attendees were other managers of the organization and representatives of the Coca-Cola Foundation and Coca-Cola Paraguay, press members and special guests.




During the event, the main numbers of the program obtained since 2017 were announced, as well as the actions to be carried out this year. “The training programs offered by the Fundación Paraguaya, this time with Coca Cola through Emprendemos Juntas, seek to dignify women because we know there are two questions that they have to answer if they want to get ahead: Is it worth it? Yes; Will I be able to do it? Yes. When women can answer these two questions affirmatively, they acquire dignity, make their personality strong and a path can be drawn to get ahead,” said Martín Burt.




Darmy Martinez Larroza, head of Public Affairs and Communications of Coca-Cola Paraguay highlighted the company’s commitment at local and regional level with the empowerment of women: “At Coca-Cola we decided to work on the development of women that make up our chain of value: from the farmers to our clients, who in 80 percent of the cases are small and medium-sized companies led by women, going through the artisans, who work with the recycled material of our packaging. For us, the transforming force of women is very important because by transforming their lives, their families and communities also get transformed. Through alliances with civil society organizations, in this case Fundación Paraguaya, we are building a vision strategy for sustainable development over time, which can achieve a positive and relevant impact at the local level.”