Poverty – A National Cause

Eliminating poverty is an objective that must be promoted as a National Cause, which must also involve all sectors of society. Fundación Paraguaya has been working for some time now on outlines that can serve this cause, based on the organization’s 35 years of experience working with vulnerable sectors, seeking to improve the quality of life for Paraguayan families.



In this sense, senator Fernando Silva Facetti, one of the promoters of the “Poverty Elimination” bill, requested a report from the Ministry of Finance, within the framework of the State Reform, which highlights the need to reorient the Public spending with transparency, based on the aforementioned project, which was presented at the end of 2019, by the executive director and founder of the Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt.Burt.



During this difficult time as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis, the urgent State Reform started to reappear in all social classes, and the Fundación Paraguaya, through its Director, had and continues to have an impact on the elaboration of the points of the Reform. The proposal prepared by Martín Burt and the Fundación Paraguaya team include the following points: 1 – Create a single geo-referenced registry of the 1,500,000 Paraguayan households; 2 – With this database, an overview of the needs of Paraguayan families will be available; 3 – It will be possible to establish strategies and work together with the State, on a map of solutions according to each family; 4 – 8,000 existing public officials will be trained to do a follow-up on each family and will become family extension agents; 5 – Family extension agents will serve as a “platform and single window for public services”.



With these points, great advances will be achieved, such as: knowing the need of each household, achieving greater efficiency in the use of State resources, bureaucratic procedures will be simplified, the empowerment of families regarding their situation, money will be saved and it will be possible to fight poverty in all its forms.



With the experience of the Fundación Paraguaya and its poverty elimination programs, the government will be able to positively move forward towards the definitive elimination of poverty. It takes will power and determination and the certified experience of the organization is available to build, together, a fairer and more equitable Paraguay for all.