Showing entrepreneurial spirit amidst adversity

The Cerrito Agricultural School generated USD 700,000 last year; thus, fulfilling its goal of being self-sustaining, under the educational model of “Learning by doing, selling and earning”, which the institution proclaims since 2003, when the Fundación Paraguaya inherited the place from the La Salle Brothers.



The health crisis caused by COVID-19 affects -as well as to the entire national economy,- the Cerrito Agricultural School, which graduated most of its students, but which keeps depending on its profits and self-management for its sustainability.



However, this adversity allows seeing how enterprising the young students are, who, accompanied by their guiding teachers, started selling fresh Cerrito products via online and by delivery to the entire area of ​​Asunción and Gran Asunción, at the cost of PYG 20,000. The list of products and prices are available here on the Fundación Paraguaya website



Livestock products as well as vegetable, dairy and bakery products; packaged and bulk products are offered to the public, and to those who are interested can make their list by calling these numbers, (0976) 360 833, (0972) 712568 and (0984) 820 449, in addition to coordinating the delivery. With each purchase made, the consumer will not only have fresh, top-quality products, but will also be contributing to the sustainability of the Cerrito Agricultural School.



“The only thing that remains the same is change, and Cerrito reinvents itself to achieve self-sufficiency in times of crisis,” says Amalio Enciso, Assistant Principal of the School, about the current situation and how it has created a new challenge in education.