We Look After Ourselves & You

We are living in times of an unprecedented health crisis worldwide, where we -more than ever,-  must have a very present social, family and personal awareness, since taking care of our own health and that of others is now taking a leading role. From Fundación Paraguaya we promote all measures within our reach to ensure the wellbeing of our collaborators, clients, students and their families. Our human capital and the people for whom we work are a priority for the Institution, that is why we have developed mechanisms that allow us to continue providing essential services to the vulnerable families with whom we work, being consistent with our main objectives: to eliminate poverty and improve people’s quality of life.




Since the beginning of this health crisis, we have been sharing useful and verified information from our communication channels, for collaborators, clients and the general public. We redouble our efforts and empathy in these difficult times, an ideal moment of reflection, union, hope, and above all, learning from the teachings that will strengthen us as individuals and as an Organization. To be aware and keep informed, these are the pertinent recommendations to the COVID-19 Coronavirus: Symptoms to watch out for: fever / cough / shortness of breath / chills / headache / body pain / fatigue




If you have any of these symptoms, call the Centro Nacional de Enlace de Ministerio de Salud immediately: (0983) 879275/911 or 154 (toll free).




Hygiene measures: wash hands / cover mouth & nose with flexed arm when coughing or sneezing / limit body contact with people / use disposable tissues / do not share mate or terere. This virus can be transmitted by air, person-to-person contact, or by contaminated objects.




From Fundación Paraguaya, both our director, Martín Burt, the managers and all the collaborators are taking due precautions. That is why, we also invite the general public to look after ourselves and each other, in order to overcome this health emergency and build, among all of us, a better Paraguay.